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Do almonds help reduce cholesterol?

Do almonds lower cholesterol? The truth is that diet plays a fundamental role in health and, in fact, there are several studies that confirm that almonds can help reduce blood cholesterol levels. 

If you are interested in this topic, read on. In this post we will give you all the keys and reveal the great benefits that almonds have when it comes to protecting the heart.

Do almonds reduce cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is formed in the liver and is essential for the proper functioning of our body and our cells. However, in high amounts it can cause serious health problems, from heart disease to strokes or heart attacks. 

Although high cholesterol can be inherited, most of the time it is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, which means it can be prevented and, if necessary, treated.  

There are several foods that help reduce blood cholesterol levels, and almonds are one of them. In fact, their effectiveness has been demonstrated through several studies, including those conducted by Pennsylvania State University.

In one of them, researchers compared two groups of people: those who included almonds in their diet and those who did not. Finally, a reduction in bad cholesterol levels was observed in those who did.

Furthermore, in another research from Pennsylvania State University, they determined that the consumption of almonds not only reduced cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, but also boosted HDL, that is, the one known as good cholesterol.

So, do almonds lower cholesterol? The truth is that, according to these and other studies, we can say yes. Although, of course, it must be accompanied by other dietary changes, something we will see later. 

How many almonds should be eaten to lower blood cholesterol levels?

According to research conducted by Pennsylvania State University, to see changes in cholesterol levels, it is enough to consume about 43 grams per day

Why do almonds lower cholesterol?

Almonds are very nutritious and healthy nuts. They are also a versatile food, and can be eaten as a snack at any time and place, or as an ingredient in the most varied culinary recipes, providing a tasty and crunchy touch to all kinds of dishes. 

They are also rich in healthy fats. Precisely for this reason, almonds reduce bad cholesterol (LDH) and increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. On the other hand, thanks to their high flavonoid content, they improve the circulatory system. 

But that is not all. Almonds also have high levels of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that offers great benefits in the prevention of premature cellular aging. They also have fiber, which promotes intestinal transit, and high amounts of magnesium, which helps control blood sugar and prevent the onset of various diseases, such as diabetes. 

Almonds are nuts with a high nutritional value

What other foods can help reduce cholesterol?

Almonds lower cholesterol, but of course, there are also other foods that can be very helpful in lowering LDL levels in the blood. Some of them are the following:

  • Avocados. They have a high nutritional value and monounsaturated fatty acids. Different studies indicate that including an avocado a day in a heart-healthy diet can improve LDL levels in the blood.
  • Oats. Thanks to its high levels of soluble fiber, it helps reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol in the blood. This soluble fiber is also found in other foods such as apples, beans and pears. 
  • Olive oil. One of the hallmarks of the Mediterranean diet. It can be used as a substitute for other types of fats, such as butter.

Diet is the key to reducing cholesterol

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of almonds and other healthy foods, it is necessary to make a change in diet and lifestyle

Broadly speaking, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of industrial pastries and processed foods, as they contain large amounts of sugars, trans fats and refined flours. It is also advisable to reduce the consumption of fried food and, instead, cook food in a healthier way (grilled, steamed, cooked…). 

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