El Nogal, wellness nuts since 1980

Company leader in the healthy snack sector since 1980

Proud of meeting expectations


EL NOGAL began in 1980 when two partners, motivated by their passion for wellness, wanted to offer natural and healthy products. EL NOGAL, The walnut tree in English, in our culture has always been associated with birth, in the past, when a child was born; it was customary to plant a walnut tree as a symbol of protection for him. And this is exactly what the founders wanted to communicate, a company with its own rules and values, which sought to change the rules of the game.

Today, El nogal, with the second generation, with a visonarian woman at the helm, is synonymous with: respect, innovation, sustainability, holistic, flexibility and above all, empathy, because our fundamental pillar is that we are people who work for improve people´s life.


International Company

 El Nogal is nowadays an international Company present in 4 continents

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