El Nogal, wellness nuts since 1980

El Nogal - Spanish manufacturer of Almonds & Premium nuts

El Nogal is a nut supplier and almond manufacturer that combines wellness and innovation. We merge the best Spanish almonds and the most avant-garde recipes offering premium snacks for healthy food lovers. Exclusive and tasty bites with all the properties and flavor of the Mediterranean diet.


Our collections are made with 100% natural ingredients, gluten-free and without preservatives or additives. A meticulous selection that is accompanied by a unique elaboration to explore the Spanish gastronomy. 


El Nogal has been a gourmet nut and almond factory since 1980, which has been making nutritious snacks with authentic Mediterranean flavor. 

Premium quality nuts for the Retail and Foodservice industry

El Nogal is a manufacturer of high-end nuts, which makes available to the retail trade and the food sector the most nutritious and gourmet snacks made with Marcona and Valencia almonds and nuts. 


As a nut supplier, we provide you with exclusive recipes with natural ingredients and premium processing to guarantee the perfect Spanish flavor. 

retail sector

Discover all the packaging and sizes we have at El Nogal, supplier of gourmet nuts. Almonds from Spain and recipes with the most popular flavors of the Mediterranean diet. 

FOOD service industry

Captivate the most demanding tastes with exclusive ingredients from El Nogal, wellness nuts. Spanish almonds and unique elaborations to satisfy the most exquisite palates.

Supply and manufacture of Spanish almonds

El Nogal is a supplier and manufacturer of almonds and nuts, offering a wide range of healthy snacks. The vitamins and properties of Marcona and Valencia almonds are combined with the delicious flavors of Mediterranean gastronomy to provide a different culinary experience. 

The best quality almonds and nuts from Spain

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