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What is the best almond in the world?

The almond is considered one of the kings of nuts due to its multiple properties. Its vitamin contribution, the amount of fundamental nutrients it provides or its regenerative and skin repairing power make it a superfood. And among all its varieties, the Marconas stand out above the rest

Recognized for being the highest quality variety around the world, Marconas are highly appreciated thanks to their organoleptic qualities. They have a sweet flavor and rounded shape and are mainly used in the elaboration of sweets such as marzipan and handmade nougat of the highest quality. 

Do you want to know more about almond varieties and why Marconas are so appreciated? We tell you about it! 

Different varieties of almonds

Although Marconas are one of the highest quality almond varieties in the world, there are alternatives, both in Spain and abroad, which are widely used in the production of different products. 

The Comuna or Valencia almond

It is of Spanish origin and arises from mixing other kinds of almonds such as Cristomorto, Ferragnes, Ferranduel or Marconas. It has a very sweet flavor and is ideal for baking and confectionery.

The American or California almond

As its name indicates, it comes from the West Coast of the United States and from a climate that has many similarities with the Mediterranean. It is much smaller in size compared to varieties such as Marconas and is a little drier. It is very common in the production of marzipan.

The Largueta almond

It is less sweet than other varieties and is usually used for caramelization or toasting with salt. It has a harder shell and an elongated shape that also serves to give it its name. 

Why are Marconas the queen of almonds?

The quality of Marcona almonds is exceptional due to their smooth texture and higher oil content. This intensifies their flavor and makes them juicier compared to other varieties. For this reason, they are also very popular in the preparation of premium products, being the preferred ones in the nougat-making designations of origin such as Alicante or Jijona, which have centuries of tradition.

In addition to their prominence in the preparation of hard and soft nougats, their most common presentation is simply baked with salt, since most of the content remains in the skin, providing an unparalleled flavor and texture. Likewise, Marconas combine perfectcly with rosemary, spicy paprika or tuffle, discover the exclusives recipes of EL NOGAL WELLNESS NUTS

Of course, thanks to their delicious flavor and high nutritional value, Marconas are also a very popular healthy snack, as they can be eaten alone or used as a star ingredient in all kinds of preparations. 

Genetic improvements in Marconas

Given the great interest in Marconas in the different sectors of the food industry, in recent years a series of genetic improvements have been implemented that directly affect the almond tree and have achieved different benefits:

  • Greater compatibility to improve crosses.
  • Easier pruning process.
  • Greater tolerance to adverse weather conditions such as frost, drought or cold among others.
  • Greater resistance to almond tree diseases and pests.
  • Increased flowering density, which also increases production.
  • Different ripening times.
  • Increased hardness of the shell, which avoids breakage.
  • Easier harvesting.

El Nogal Wellness Nuts, suppliers of excellent quality Marcona almonds.

As you have seen, Marconas are one of the highest quality almond varieties, with excellent nutritional and organoleptic properties and are the fundamental raw material for sweet and savory preparations. 

El Nogal Wellness Nuts is a supplier of premium Marcona almonds. Thus, it provides the entire food sector and retailers with this variety of almond, as well as others such as Valencia. Discover the exclusive recipes of Marcona almonds with Mediterranean tastes, 100% natural ingredients: Spicy Marcona, Marcona with rosemary, Marcona with lemon…

Unique ingredients and very careful elaborations for all lovers of healthy snacks and Mediterranean gastronomy. If you want more information, download El Nogal catalog. We will be happy to advise you and help you in everything you need.


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