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Spanish gastronomy and El Nogal Wellness Nuts

More and more consumers are looking for new culinary experiences, different flavors and healthy eating in Spanish gastronomy, with tapas being one of the favorite options. Thus, businesses in the sector have a great opportunity to attract new customers, boosting their growth and competitiveness. 

Want to know more? Read on, we tell you what Spanish gastronomy has to offer, what are the keys to the tapas culture and what solutions you can implement as a professional in the sector in your business.

Tapas, the Spanish gastronomy that crosses borders

Spanish gastronomy is highly valued internationally. It is not surprising, since it stands out for the quality of its products and elaborations. However, among all the culinary traditions of the country, there is one that has managed to conquer the most demanding palates inside and outside its borders: tapas, those tasty and delicious portions of food that allow you to enjoy an exquisite appetizer in the company of family or friends.

Tapas culture in 3 key points

In Spain, going out for tapas is a very common activity and, in fact, it is part of the Spanish tradition, lifestyle and culture. But what is it about tapas that has made them so famous all over the world? In addition to the quality of the ingredients and products, as well as their exquisite recipes, we can distinguish several key aspects:

  • Unique flavors. They allow all types of consumers to taste Spanish gastronomy and savor high quality elaborations, based on tradition and the Mediterranean diet
  • Healthy recipes. Spanish cuisine is nutritious and healthy, in line with the new habits of consumers, who are looking for options away from caloric and ultra-processed foods. 
  • New experiences. They offer the possibility of living new culinary experiences and tasting exclusive recipes, very different from the usual ones in each country. 

Spanish gastronomy and El Nogal Wellness Nuts

Betting on Spanish gastronomy allows businesses dedicated to the food sector (restaurants, bars, supermarkets, retail stores, delicatessens…) to expand their offer and attract new customers interested in gourmet cuisine, in living new culinary experiences and enjoying healthy and tasty recipes. At El Nogal Wellness Nuts we are aware of this. That is why we have a range of recipes made with 100% natural ingredients and inspired by the most popular flavors of Spain: Let’s Tapas.

The Let's Tapas range of El Nogal Wellness Nuts combines ingredients of Spanish origin with typical Spanish flavors.

Let’s Tapas, a culinary journey to Spain 

Let’s Tapas is a tribute to the Spanish tapas culture, its gastronomy and its intense flavors. Crunchy bites with a high nutritional value that can be eaten as an exquisite appetizer, as a star ingredient in any dish or even as a topping in salads and snacks. 

In addition, they are available in a wide variety of packaging, adjusting to the demands of food businesses and their customers. 

Let’s Tapas flavors

Let’s Tapas recipes combine 100% natural Spanish products with unique flavors that will delight food lovers. 

  • Chorizo Spanish Corn. Spanish corn with chorizo flavor suitable for vegans. 
  • Spanish Cocktail. Delicious Valencia almonds, corn, olives and beans. An option that combines the best ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. 
  • Spicy Faba Beans. Nutritious and tasty beans with the perfect spicy touch of paprika. 
  • Roasted Largueta Almonds with Sea Salt. Exquisite Spanish Largueta Almonds with an original touch of sea salt that will conquer the most demanding palates. 
  • Giant Corn. Giant corn from Spain with a touch of salt, the perfect alternative to get started in the tapas culture
  • Marcona Almonds with Skin. Authentic Spanish Marcona almonds seasoned with sunflower oil and sea salt. 

Why trust El Nogal Wellness Nuts?

  • Experience. El Nogal Wellness Nuts has been a supplier of gourmet almonds and nuts since 1980. 
  • Natural ingredients of Spanish origin that stand out for their high quality and nutritional value, winning over lovers of the Spanish gastronomy and all those who wish to follow a healthy diet. 
  • Extensive catalog with the most innovative recipes, perfectly combining tradition and modernity. 
  • Versatility. The various solutions and product ranges of El Nogal Wellness Nuts are available in different packaging and formats, so they adapt to the needs of retailers and/or catering businesses. 
  • Free samples. Food professionals have the opportunity to check the quality of El Nogal Wellness Nuts products and choose the ones that best suit their needs

Gastronomy and typical Spanish flavors are a safe bet for all types of businesses dedicated to food and at El Nogal Wellness Nuts we provide solutions that fit each of them. Undoubtedly, the best to offer the most foodie consumers healthy, tasty and unique products, such as the exclusive Let’s Tapas range. 

If you would like more information or you are interested in discovering our wide range of premium nuts, please download our catalog. We would love to hear from you and help you. 


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