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The perfect pairing with nuts

The pairing with nuts has become a very popular alternative in the hospitality industry. If you are a professional in the sector and want to know in detail what are the most requested options by customers, read on, we will give you all the keys. 

Nuts, the perfect snacks 

Spanish nuts are great allies of catering and hospitality businesses. Until a few years ago, the most consumed snacks were processed foods, such as potato chips, options of little nutritional value and very unhealthy. However, this has changed and now customers want healthy alternatives that allow them to enjoy a good time while drinking their favorite beverages alone or in company.

Therefore, pairing with nuts is an excellent alternative that will please everyone. On the one hand, a healthy snack is offered and, on the other hand, given the wide variety of options that exist, people can choose the one that best suits their preferences and the beverages they wish to consume. 

And what are the most popular nuts among consumers in bars or cafeterias?

Almonds. One of the most demanded options among customers of hospitality businesses, as it is a delicious and healthy snack with great nutritional properties. In addition, almonds can be consumed both natural and roasted or salted. The Spanish varieties are the most demanded for the gourmets, you can find Marconas or Valencias. EL NOGAL WELLNESS NUTS offers a wide range of exclusive recipes tasty and made with natural ingredients from Mediterranean Diet plus compelling functional health equities and top-notch consumer demand. 

The different recipes that you can find are:

  • Spanish almonds with natural truffle
  • Spanish almonds with lemon
  • Spanish almonds with smoked paprika
  • Spanish almonds with olive oil
  • Spanish almonds with rosemary
  • Spanish almonds with Mediterranean herbs
Pairing beer and nuts is a great combination

Pairing with nuts, what are the best options? 

Pairing is a culinary resource that refers to the practice of combining food and beverages to enhance their flavors and aromas. In this sense, as a catering business, you have the possibility to offer your customers various nuts to pair with multiple drinks, but also with other ingredients, such as chocolate. 

The concept of TAPAS in Spain offers this combination of tastes. This is part of Spanish culture and LET´S TAPAS COLECTION of EL NOGAL WELLNESS NUTS spread this concept. You can enjoy the perfect selection of Spanish nuts with Mediterranean flavors.

live a gastronomic experience

Pairing beers with nuts

Beer pairs with a wide variety of foods, from meat and fish to seafood, chocolates and, of course, nuts. 

The perfect pairing with nuts should seek harmony. For example, almonds and hazelnuts are ideal if consumed with lager or pale ale options, while dark chocolates work very well with beers such as stout. 

Pairing wines with nuts

With the right wine, the flavor of nuts can be enhanced, making them offer many more nuances than if they were consumed alone. In addition, as they are snacks with a high natural fat content, they balance various compounds present in the beverage, such as tannins.

The pairing of nuts with wine offers multiple possibilities. In general, hazelnuts combine very well with aged red wines, while almonds are perfect to consume with soft white wines (muscatel, chardonnay…). Walnuts, having a stronger flavor, should be paired with powerful red wines (cabernet, pinot noir…).  

Pairing vermouths with nuts

Did you know that vermouths also pair very well with different nuts? There are options for all tastes, although the most common are white vermouth, which combines with snacks such as almonds and hazelnuts, and red vermouth, ideal for appetizers such as peanuts. 

Chocolate and nuts, a perfect pairing 

Choosing a pairing of nuts and chocolate is always a great decision, especially if you opt for those with high cocoa content. Thus, combining them enhances the aroma and flavor of both foods, resulting in a unique, delicious and healthy culinary experience.  

El Nogal Wellness Nuts, premium nut supplier 

The pairing with nuts is very popular in the foodservice secor and, at El Nogal Wellness Nuts, as a supplier of gastronomic experiences, we offer unique recipes made with the highest quality  ingredients of Spanish origin. Solutions that perfectly combine tradition and innovation so that your customers can enjoy the authentic Mediterranean gastronomy. 

Please, visit our website www.elnogalwellnessnuts.com and order samples because with Spanish almonds The pleasure is endless!


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