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Strategies for successful food distribution

Do you have a company dedicated to food distribution and want to know the best strategies to expand your business opportunities and not lose competitiveness? Keep reading because we give you all the details. 

Strategies for the success of food distribution

Food distribution companies must face many challenges to ensure their competitiveness and growth in the short, medium and long term: changes in supply chains, competition, changes in consumer habits, new trends… 

But what can be done? There are several strategies that can be followed to ensure the success of food distribution, and below are some of the most relevant. 

Products aligned with new consumer habits 

There is no doubt that consumer habits have changed. Now, foodservice, supermarkets and retail customers are looking for more nutritious food, in line with a healthy lifestyle. 

In order not to lose business opportunities, it is advisable to adapt to new market trends by including in the catalog new products that meet consumer needs. 

In this sense, an excellent alternative is to bet on healthy snacks, whose demand is growing year after year. Among the most widely consumed snacks are nuts, especially almonds, as they offer everything the customer is looking for: high nutritional and energy intake, high palatability and quality. In addition, we must not forget that they are very versatile options, and can be consumed alone or as a star ingredient in any recipe. Thus, the sales possibilities are expanding: grocery stores, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants…

Value-added products 

Consumers are not only interested in following a healthier lifestyle, they are also looking for options that adapt to their daily habits and routines. It is therefore not surprising that they are opting for new formats and packaging (single-dose, ready-to-go…) that provide them with greater convenience.  

As a food distribution company, you can offer healthy products such as nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.) in individual packages. In this way, you can combine functionality and quality. Thus, users have the option of buying them in a food chain and consuming them anywhere and at any time of the day: at the office as a snack, on the way to the gym, at home as a snack… 

Gourmet nuts combine quality, nutrition and new flavors

Gourmet food

Another of the best strategies for food retail success? Incorporate premium foods. Delicatessen gastronomy has become very popular in recent years and consumers want to try the tastiest and most exquisite products. 

Such is their demand that many establishments have decided to bet commercially on this type of food, from large supermarkets to small local stores. Now, it is difficult not to see a section dedicated to gourmet gastronomy. 

In order to maintain (and expand) your operations with the different points of sale, do not hesitate to include in your product catalog new culinary offerings designed to surprise the most demanding consumers

At El Nogal Wellness Nuts, as suppliers of premium nuts, we have the most innovative recipes to make every bite an experience. We combine natural and quality ingredients from Spain with the most exclusive processing techniques to offer healthy snacks with a unique aroma, texture and crunchy flavor that will delight lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. 

New sales outlets

Of course, it is also important that you expand your sales opportunities with new businesses, including online. Don’t forget that these types of channels are booming, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

El Nogal Wellness Nuts, premium nuts suppliers

At El Nogal Wellness Nuts, as a supplier of premium quality nuts, we offer food distribution companies, retailers and catering businesses the most innovative recipes.

Why trust El Nogal Wellness Nuts?

  • Great experience in the gourmet food sector. We have been suppliers of nuts since 1980, which allows us to offer the most exclusive solutions, always adapting to our customers’ needs.
  • Quality ingredients and innovative elaborations. We only use natural ingredients that we combine with the latest processing techniques to offer different gastronomic experiences that satisfy consumers looking for healthy and nutritious snacks with surprising flavors. 
  • Free samples. We have free samples so that, as a specialist in the food sector, you can choose the recipes that best suit your interests. 

If you want to expand your product catalog with nutritious, healthy and gourmet options, trust El Nogal Wellness Nuts. Do you want more information? Download our catalog.


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