El Nogal, wellness nuts since 1980

Meet the El Nogal team and discover the people behind the success of our brand

Since 1980, El Nogal has been synonymous with quality in the commercialization of dried fruits and nuts. From our humble beginnings in Campo Lameiro, we have grown and evolved thanks to the trust and affection that our consumers have placed in us. Today, we want to share with you not only our commitment to quality, but also to introduce you to the team that makes this dream possible every day.

Our team, the true heart of El Nogal

Our progress and ability to innovate are directly linked to our team. Each member is essential, bringing talent, passion and dedication. From product development to customer service to sales, each person plays a vital role in our growth and the international expansion of our brand.

We invest in our human capital

We foster an environment that enables the personal and professional development of our employees. Our corporate culture values collaboration, mutual respect and a strong community. Taking care of our team is fundamental for them to take care of our customers and our brand, which reinforces our position as a market leader.

El Nogal team

Fostering a culture of respect and continuous improvement

We develop a work environment based on respect, collaboration and constant innovation. Investing in the professional and personal growth of each member not only enhances our service capabilities, but also strengthens the culture that defines El Nogal. This commitment to excellence is reflected in superior service and high quality products.

The team that drives El Nogal and its international expansion

  • Product development and quality: Our specialists ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards, which is essential to compete in the global marketplace.
  • Logistics and operations: This team is crucial to maintaining operational efficiency, skillfully managing everything from supplier selection to the effective distribution of our products across international borders.
  • Sales and customer service: We strengthen lasting relationships with our customers around the world, ensuring an exceptional experience that promotes loyalty to our brand and facilitates our expansion into new markets.

Our commitment to the future

Every day, El Nogal faces the challenge of staying ahead in an ever-changing global marketplace. We are committed to offering the best to our consumers, wherever they are. This effort is sustained by the tireless work of our team, whose continued dedication writes the story of our company’s success and expansion.


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