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El Nogal participates in London at “The Travel Snacking Mini Huddle” Fair

As a leading producer of premium nuts in Spain, we at El Nogal are continually exploring opportunities to expand our presence and showcase the superior quality of our products. This month, we took our commitments a step further by participating in one of the most innovative trade fairs in the food sector, the Travel Snacking Mini Huddle, held from 22-25 April.

What is “The Travel Snacking Mini Huddle”?

This unique event offers an intensive and effective format known as the “Mini Huddle”. For one hour, challenger brands like ours have the unparalleled opportunity to connect directly with leading category retailers and distributors. The sessions are meticulously organised to ensure that each participant is able to interact individually with up to six leading retailers, during ten-minute meetings.

Benefits for El Nogal in Participating

The “Mini Huddle” structure is ideal for El Nogal, allowing us to concentrate efforts and resources on meetings that promise high value and return. These one-on-one meetings make it easy for us to present in detail the exclusivity and premium quality of our nuts, as well as our ability to adapt to diverse market needs, from retail to food service and private label.

Expansion and Visibility Opportunities

Participating in The Travel Snacking Mini Huddle is more than just a business opportunity; it is a platform to reinforce our brand image as a synonym of excellence and exclusivity in the nut market. Our team has selected retailers and distributors who are not only looking for new products, but who value quality and sustainability, principles that El Nogal embodies.


Trade fairs, such as “The Travel Snacking Mini Huddle”, are essential not only to increase our network significantly, but also to strengthen our position as a leader in the premium nuts sector. These platforms offer us the unique opportunity to demonstrate the superior quality of our products and our innovations in the field of healthy snacks.

Our presence at The Travel Snacking Mini Huddle this year has been particularly productive. We have established valuable connections with leading retailers and distributors who are eager to bring gourmet, high quality products to their consumers. Face-to-face interactions at these types of events allow for more effective communication and a deeper understanding of market needs and expectations, which is crucial to tailoring our offerings and business strategies in the future.

We are convinced that every event is an opportunity to learn, grow and innovate, ensuring that our brand not only meets market expectations, but exceeds them, always maintaining our commitment to sustainability and excellence.



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