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Supermarkets join the healthy snacking trend

Consumers’ eating habits have changed and, in a growing concern for health, they are looking for healthier and more nutritious options. In this sense, the healthy snacks market is booming. In fact, the figures speak for themselves: in 2021 its global size amounted to $85.6 billion, while in 2030 it is expected to reach $152.5 billion.

For all these reasons, the food sector and retail markets must adapt to the changes. Offering their customers healthy and high quality snacks in a variety of formats, fully adjusting to their new needs. 

But what are consumers looking for now? What are the main trends in healthy snacks and what are the most popular options? All the keys, below. 

Healthy snacks, a booming trend 

Traditionally, snacks have always been associated with unhealthy alternatives due to their high sugar, calorie and oil content, which increases the risk of developing various diseases and health problems (diabetes, cardiovascular pathologies, obesity…). However, consumers are moving away from these choices, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. 

Thus, consumers’ eating behaviors have changed. They are now looking for options that take care of their health and allow them to stay in good shape, helping them to strengthen their immune system and prevent different diseases. Likewise, they want nutritious, but also tasty alternatives, in order to enjoy their consumption. 

Therefore, in recent years, more and more supermarkets have been offering solutions adapted to the new needs of their customers, with nuts being one of the most popular.  

What do consumers look for in healthy snacks?

Quality ingredients…

Nowadays, users want products made with quality ingredients, the best to enjoy a healthy and tasty snack. In this sense, they pay much more attention to labeling, opting for options that take care of the raw materials and follow an exhaustive and meticulous process.  

Likewise, the demand for healthy gourmet snacks that offer a different and unique gastronomic experience is also growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that nuts such as Marcona or Valencia almonds of Spanish origin have experienced a significant increase in sales. 

… and natural

Of course, the most popular snacks are those made with natural ingredients. In fact, plant-based snacks are gradually replacing processed options such as energy bars or solutions rich in additives, sugars and unhealthy fats.

Nuts are in high demand for consumption.

Highly nutritious

Unlike ultra-processed snacks, which are characterized by a high amount of empty calories and sugars, consumers are more interested in snacks with high nutritional value. 

In this sense, they now prefer snacks rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats such as Omega 3. In this way, they become great allies of health, providing energy and well-being while contributing to the proper functioning of the body. 


Users want healthy snacks, but they also want to enjoy their consumption. For this reason, snacks that offer greater gastronomic versatility are gaining ground in the market. 

A clear example of this is nuts, which can be eaten on their own as a snack, but can also be easily integrated into various culinary preparations. In this way, menus gain in flavor, aroma and textures, creating much tastier dishes. 

Packaging adapted to everyday life

The change in consumer habits can also be seen in the packaging of healthy snacks. The focus is now on convenient packaging, in small formats. In this way, they are adapted to the lifestyle of the consumer, who can enjoy them at any time: at the gym, before or after a day’s training, mid-morning at the office to recharge their batteries, as a snack at home when they are hungry… 

Nuts, the best healthy snacks 

Among all the healthy snacks available to consumers, nuts stand out. Nutritious, versatile and natural, they are an excellent alternative for all those who want to take care of their health and enjoy a tasty snack. 

They are also the perfect healthy snack. On the one hand, because there is a wide range of nuts and dried fruits to choose from (walnuts, almonds, corn…) and, on the other hand, because they can be eaten alone or with a wide variety of recipes (salads, casseroles…). 

Taking into account their growing demand and good long-term prospects, supermarkets, hypermarkets and other food stores should include among their proposals a greater variety of healthy snacks if they want to attract the attention of their customers, and nuts are an excellent alternative. 

El Nogal Wellness Nuts, gourmet nuts of Spanish origin 

El Nogal Wellness Nuts, supplier of premium nuts, offers the food sector and retailers the most careful and surprising elaborations. 

The best ingredients of the Mediterranean diet (Marcona almonds, Valencia almonds…) are masterfully combined with the most innovative culinary techniques to provide unique gastronomic experiences with the typical flavors of Spanish food. 
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