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Spain’s Almond Industry: A Closer Look at Key Supplier and Manufacturer

The owners of El Nogal, the Quintas family, had been working with almonds and Spanish nuts for 2 generations. Their secret to success was a deep-rooted connection to the taste, a commitment to sustainable product, and an unwavering passion for producing high-end nuts. However, as time went by, they began to feel that there was something more they could offer to the world beyond just national market.

Valencia almonds

Therefore, 7 years ago, EL NOGAL´s team were an ardent believer in the power of healthy living, and they thought, “Why not share the benefits of our nuts with the world?” In this way, the Export department was born and they became in the best supplier of Spanish almonds, and US is their main market.


With boundless enthusiasm and a dream in her heart, they embarked on a new adventure. The family decided to create a brand called “El Nogal Wellness Nuts” to promote a holistic approach to well-being. They wanted to offer a range of Spanish nuts, such as Marcona almonds or quicos, that were not only exceptionally tasty but also packed with nutritional benefits.

Their almonds, for instance, were roasted to perfection and sprinkled with a blend of natural ingredients that enhanced their flavor while maintaining their qualities.

With dedication and an unwavering commitment to their values, El Nogal Wellness Nuts quickly gained a reputation for offering delicious and nutritious nut products. Their brand became synonymous with quality, and their customers could taste the love and care that went into each nut they enjoyed.


But the Quintas family’s journey was not just about brand awareness; it was about sharing the joy of wellness with the world. The company decided also offer their products for private labels, inviting customers to have the best manufacturer to their own brands.


The story of El Nogal Wellness Nuts is a story of a family’s vision to bring health and happiness to the lives of those who crossed their path. The portfolio became a haven for wellness enthusiasts, a place where the delicious and the nutritious intertwined in harmony.


So, the next time you savor a handful of El Nogal Wellness Nuts, remember that you’re not just tasting a nut; you’re tasting a dream, a passion for well-being, and a commitment to spreading joy, health, and happiness, one nut at a time.


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