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Gastronomic trends

Motivated not only by the demand for new and fresh things, but by the evolution of lifestyles and the need to relate better to planet Earth and with our own body, Consumers look for new experiences.

Foodies need a combination of the next elements:

A good product, obviously, the raw material and the food must be high-end, this is crucial.

Valencia almonds

Sustainability, although the word sounds too much and is sometimes out of context, sustainability involves consuming products from the environment and knowing the ingredients by reading the product label . The consumer has the power to change the world by making informed food choices. A simple gesture, like taking the bags to the supermarket or returning to paper at the delicatessen, makes a difference.

Snack, in recent years, many have switched to teleworking. Sitting at home and not in the office has increased the frequency of trips from the chair to the refrigerator. As a result of this habit, meals have become earlier, as well as more flexible and adaptable, and the snack, called to kill the appetite between meals, has become a main meal.

On the go but healthy food, talking about fast food evokes the image of junk food. Currently, society is immersed in a change of mentality towards healthier and more sustainable eating . For this reason, consumers are looking for more homemade takeaway food, dishes for every day, leaving behind the classics of hamburgers and pizzas.

Spanish almonds on the go

Put a face to the product, today’s consumer increasingly takes values into account in their choices. If we walk around the stores, we will discover that the labeling adapts to what the customer is looking for: a connection with the product generated through real photographs that allow us to identify the producer and the entire chain of people who have made it possible for the product . food reaches the table of each house. It is, without a doubt, a gesture of social responsibility .


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