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El Nogal’s Dedication to FDA Compliance and Quality

As the demand for high-quality Spanish products like almonds grows in the U.S., El Nogal ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds FDA regulatory standards. This commitment to quality helps us maintain a trusted presence in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

Navigating FDA regulations

El Nogal rigorously adheres to FDA regulations, which require foreign facilities to register and appoint a U.S. agent. Compliance with these rules guarantees that our gourmet offerings are always up to the mark, meeting stringent U.S. safety standards.

Strategic labelling for market success

Effective labelling is crucial. Our products carry detailed labels that inform consumers about ingredients, nutritional values, and allergen information, fostering transparency and consumer trust. By complying with FDA’s detailed labelling requirements, we ensure our customers make informed dietary choices.

Quality control at every stage

From sourcing the finest Spanish almonds to employing advanced packaging techniques, El Nogal’s operations epitomize top-tier quality management. Our adherence to FDA guidelines is evident in our robust tracking systems that monitor products from farm to table, ensuring safety and freshness.

Sustainable practices and consumer education

Understanding the ecological impact of packaging, we utilize sustainable materials that meet FDA standards for recyclability and safety. By educating consumers about the benefits of sustainable packaging, we not only comply with regulations but also lead the way in environmental stewardship.

For comprehensive details on required food product labeling, refer to the official FDA Labeling & Nutrition Guidance Documents & Regulatory Information, as well as the guidance developed by the FDA Food Labelling Guide.


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