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Do you want to import almonds from Spain?

Are you in the food industry and want to import almonds from Spain? If so, we can offer you the highest quality solutions on the market. With more than 40 years of experience, we have a wide and varied catalog, with unique recipes and elaborations. Premium almonds, 100% natural ingredients and the perfect union between vanguard and tradition to offer the most nutritious and tasty healthy snacks. Crunchy bites that will conquer your customers or your diners. 

Don’t miss this post. We reveal the reasons why importing Spanish almonds is a trend and why El Nogal Wellness Nuts can become your reliable supplier.  

Importing almonds from Spain, a booming market 

  • In recent years, the import of Spanish almonds has increased significantly, especially in the USA, China and India. In fact, Spain is the third largest producer of this nut in the world. 
  • Perfect to be consumed as a healthy snack or to become one of the star ingredients in a wide variety of recipes, Spanish almonds are of superior quality. Thus, not only does it offer an intense flavor, but it also provides a high nutritional and vitamin content.
  • Production is found in the Mediterranean coastal regions (Andalusia, Catalonia, Aragon, the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community), where different varieties stand out, such as Marcona almonds, Valencia or Comuna almonds or Largueta almonds, among others. 

Reasons for the increase in almond demand 

Why import almonds from Spain? There are several reasons that have led to its boom, three of which stand out:

  • Increased consumption of almonds in China and India. Both Asian giants have positioned themselves, in recent years, as major consumers of Spanish almonds. 
  • Healthier consumption trends. Eating behaviors have changed. Consumers are no longer interested in processed snacks that penalize their health. They are now looking for snacks that help them follow a healthy diet. To meet this growing demand, Spanish almonds have positioned themselves as a great alternative, combining quality, nutrition and taste. 
  • Strict food safety. Importing almonds from Spain is synonymous with quality and food safety. Thus, the products not only comply with current regulations, but also undergo periodic controls and analytical tests to guarantee the highest quality standards.
El Nogal Wellness Nuts is a supplier of gourmet Spanish almonds.

Want to import almonds from Spain? El Nogal Wellness Nuts is your reliable supplier. 

If you want to import almonds from Spain, El Nogal Wellness Nuts can help you. As suppliers of premium nuts and almonds since 1980, we offer the most exquisite elaborations to satisfy the demands of Mediterranean diet lovers. 

All our collections are made with the highest quality almonds of Spanish origin. Natural, exclusive and healthy ingredients that will delight the most demanding palates.  

Almonds for retail stores 

Do you have a supermarket or delicatessen food store and you are looking for gourmet Spanish almonds to surprise your customers with the most innovative proposals? Trust El Nogal Wellness Nuts. We can supply you with premium almonds and unique recipes that will help you to captivate both Spanish gastronomy lovers and those who are interested in healthy, tasty and nutritious snacks. 

Of course, we have different packaging and formats that will fully meet your production needs. 

Almonds for the foodservice sector 

Are you in the catering sector and want to prepare dishes with an unbeatable flavor and texture? In El Nogal Wellness Nuts you have at your disposal the most exclusive Spanish almonds, as well as recipes that combine tradition and vanguard. 

A solution that will allow you to design different menus, with natural ingredients of Spanish origin that provide a crunchy touch and an explosion of flavor. Undoubtedly, the best way to delight your guests with a surprising gastronomic experience. 

An extensive catalog with the most innovative recipes. 

Delicious Marcona, Largueta or Valencia almonds are combined with selected natural ingredients to create the most sophisticated recipes. Thus, we have tasty almonds with truffle, lemon, paprika, olive oil or dark chocolate, among many other options. 

Healthy snacks that stand out for their flavor and exclusive elaboration. In addition, all our products are nutritious and healthy, to satisfy all consumers who are interested in following a healthy diet. 

Why trust El Nogal Wellness Nuts to import Spanish almonds?

  • We have been suppliers of nuts and almonds since 1980. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have the most varied and exclusive offers, adjusting to the demands of our customers. 
  • We offer the highest quality Spanish almonds for professionals in the food industry. 
  • We only use 100% natural ingredients, without additives or preservatives, ensuring a unique and different gastronomic experience. 
  • We provide free samples so that food industry specialists can choose the solutions they are most interested in. 

Don’t hesitate, if you want to import almonds from Spain, El Nogal Wellness Nuts is your reliable supplier. For more information, contact us! We will be happy to listen to you and advise you on everything you need. 


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